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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bog standards

What just happened was this:

It was time for my mid-morning trip to the lav to unwind a bit, lighten my load and finish the chapter that I was reading on the tube. So I walked out of the office, picking up a parcel for me from the post tray on the way out.

Got into the cubicle, got myself settled. Opened the parcel to find Herzog by Saul Bellow. Excellent. So instead of reading the end of the chapter of the current book I'm reading, I started the Bellow. I mean, it's only right, isn't it?

I'd been there about 5 minutes, when someone starts knocking on the door. "Are you going to be long?", he asked in rather curt tones. The strange thing is I really should have told him where to go, but I just said "a bit". I closed my book which I'd been rather enjoying and sped up the rest of my activities. "Well," he felt the need to continue, " I need to get changed."

What kind of wierdos are we breeding? Who in a million years would knock on a toilet door and try to speak to someone who is having a poo (and reading)? What goes through their mind?

I gave him a Paddington Bear hard stare on exit, muttered prick under my breath, but I was shaken. I can imagine when he returned to his desk "... and this guy stumbles out with one book in his pocket and one in his hand. And I merely thought he was excreting. The damned insolence. What kind of wierdos are we breeding?"

This is my first post. And this is very un-me. I'm strangely confrontational but I need to get the first strike in.

My name is Voroshilov. I'm try to mould the world into a better place. I usually fail.

This is my blog, I hope you like it